Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Princess Hours - Goong

I think I'm addicted to Korean Drama now.
I remember watching Goong, also known as Princess Hours, a few year ago, and I wanted to watch it again. Now I'm re-watching it. I'm up to Episode 11. It's soundtrack, is amazing. I tried to search for guitar tabs for some of the songs and I cant find any...yeah, that's depressing. Anyway, if you like watching Korean Dramas and haven't watched this before, I suggest watching it. Or, if you don't like watching Korean Dramas I suggest watching it anyway. It is just...
I'm trying to think of a word to describe it, and I can't find one. It's indescribable, in a good way. Just watch it. And if you do find guitar tabs for The Princess Hours OST, just tell me. Please.
There's a good chance you're not gonna read this. Or even try to watch Goong... So I'm not even going to finish the sente
Goong is such an amazing Korean Drama...
Anyway, If you do want to watch Goong (Princess Hours) here is a website where you can watch it:
Seriously, watch it. All of it is beautiful...even the soundtrack...wow. Just, wow.

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