Tuesday, 10 April 2012

FFX and FFX - 2

Those two could probably be one of the most addicting games *to me* right now....
And I haven't even played it! Yep. That's me. Being addicted to stuff I don't even know. Wait, I do know something. I just spoiled the Ending for both games. I searched it up and..yeah.

That is Yuna there.  Look at that picture! Amazing graphics or drawing...whatever!
  Watched the ending scenes for both games and it was awesome. I'm not going to go to much detail because I might ruin the ending for you (whoever you are). If you are going to play this game (I'm talking about both of them. I know, I know bad grammar) just try your best because your efforts will be rewarded. At least for the FFX - 2 one. Yeah. Just for the FFX - 2 only, I guess.  Play FFX first, or you won't be able to understand the whole story..well, that's just my theory. Yes! Rhymings! FFX and FFX - 2 is still awesome and makes me think of suicide.

 Don't worry, the ending doesn't have anything to do with suicide (I think) that's just my usual randomness.

And this is Tidus here, again, awesome graphics.

It's weird...I always pronounced his name Tide-us not Tee-dus.

I'm guessing no one is reading this -.-
But, whatever. It's my blog.

Yeah...it's 3 am here, almost 4 am so I might go to sleep. Don't question me! I do whatever I want.

Comment if you want.

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Lavender Hope said...

I never really play video games, but I've heard of this. I agree that the graphics are really cool.