Friday, 13 April 2012

First I'm going to rate videos made by The Guild

Well, first I'm going to rate the music videos by The Guild :

Wanna Date My Avatar :
Music : 9/10
Costumes : 10/10
Idea : 10/10

Overall : 9/10

Actually, I'm just going to give you the overall score. I just want to do that rating first.

Game On : 8/10
(If you haven't seen this video, just search it up on YouTube)
The environment was awesome! The dance sequence was epic and the costumes and things are cool too.

I'm The One That's Cool :  10/10 Again, search it up on Youtube.

Now this is one cool video. The music was catchy the lyrics, actually means something. And they all had high school version of themselves. The transition part where someone pushes Felicia Day was awesome. Props for the person who thought of that, as someone said. :P

Well I don't think I can rate The Guild anytime soon. I mean it will just be 10/10. For awesomeness!

Here's the web series of The Guild, don't forget to like the video.

To like, just double click the video box. Like it please!

Anyway, here's Season 1

I know it's kinda bad quality, but it's cool.

Comment if you want me to give you the link to Full Season 2 and 3.

Watch it :)

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