Thursday, 12 April 2012

I just realized!

I just realized why my blog background appears tiled, like squares on my notebook! It's because I was zoomed in here (on my PC) or maybe I was just zoomed out on the laptop!

I just realized something else. I've just been posting about thing's that I like, but what about those things that I don't like? Stay tuned. Lol. That's funny. This is not a television...

Anyway, after every post I write, about things that I like, or not at the end, I will do a rating. I don't about the things I don't like though... I'll try and give a fair score 1 - 10

Like, this is just for example, I rate The Guild 9/10.

This is just an example.  I'm still going to rate The Guild later on my posts.

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